Our Values

  • We put Customers First and act with a sense of Urgency to satisfy them.
  • We treat customers, contractors, and co-workers the way we would want to be treated (Golden Rule).
  • We take personal Ownership, Celebrate our successes and build Trust through Integrity.
  • We Work Together to drive Financial Results.
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By remembering this mission,

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our customer promise,

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living our corporate

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we'll be able
to reach our 2020 goals.

The Jingle

The Empire Man originally appeared on TV as a role played by Lynn Hauldren. Contrary to popular belief, the Empire Man was not the company's owner, nor was he a sales representative or installer. In the late 1970s, Hauldren was an advertising copywriter who worked for the Empire brand. The company's owner, during the time, requested he plays the Empire Man role after unsuccessfully auditioning several other actors.

Lynn Hauldren, Marketing Genius and Cultural Icon

Lynn Hauldren, Marketing Genius and Cultural Icon

The Empire Carpet Man

Over thirty years ago, Lynn Hauldren was just a humble copywriter, advertising Empire Carpet and Empire Flooring. Little did he know that he would become a household name. By the end of his career, Lynn Hauldren would have one of the most recognizable faces in the country.

Lynn Hauldren created the iconic Empire Carpet Man character as a part of his advertising campaign for Empire Carpet, when he worked behind the scenes on the strategy of the advertising. Not only did he develop the character, but he eventually would serve as the sole role of Empire Carpet® Man.

Hauldren’s career began modestly, with him writing commercials for Empire Today. While developing a new campaign, it proved impossible to find a suitable actor for the newly created mascot figure, the Empire Carpet Man. In an unexpected twist of fate, Hauldren was asked to step in front of the camera. The rest is history, as Lynn’s character went on to become one of the most iconic in the history of advertising.

Though not an actor, Lynn played the role of the Empire Carpet Man for decades, appearing in television and radio commercials. The Empire Carpet Man made appearance events such as The McDonald’s®, Thanksgiving Parade, stadiums and promotional venues.

Lynn Hauldren, Holding a t-shirt

Birth of an Earworm:

The Magic of the Empire Carpet Man Jingle

An earworm is a catchy piece of music that one continues to hear long after it has stopped playing. Almost everyone has experienced this phenomenon, finding him or herself humming a simple melody at unexpected moments. Advertising professionals clamor to create material that has such staying power, but few will accomplish it as successfully as the Empire Carpet Man.

In households across the country, people from several generations can recite the number for Empire Today. That’s because the individual digits served as lyrics for the Empire Carpet jingle. Since the 1970’s, anyone who wanted new Empire Carpet or Empire Flooring needed merely to recall the indelible tune as they picked up the phone. The power of this melody has been lauded by the ad world, and has been featured prominently in articles on the subject.

More than a One Hit Wonder: The Empire Carpet Man

Lynn Hauldren, the Empire Carpet Man, proved throughout his life that he was more than a one hit wonder. Best known for his role as the spokesman for Empire Carpet and Empire Flooring, Lynn actually wore a multitude of hats, garnering accolades in every pursuit he threw himself into. Given his quiet persona, most people are surprised to learn that he was a war hero and a lauded singer as well.

People from Lynn Hauldren’s generation were brought up with extraordinary work ethic and an emphasis on humility. Lynn brought these attributes to everything he did. Starting as a radio operator during the World War II, he was determined to do whatever needed to be done, and stepped into the dangerous role of escorting critical supplies along treacherous roads into China. Later, when a commercial he wrote for Empire Today lacked a suitable actor, Hauldren happily stepped into the character.

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Lynn was the friendly face that appeared on television sets telling families all about Empire's name-brand carpet and affordable prices. Each spot ended with the memorable Empire Today Jingle. C'mon, sing it with us: "eight hundred, five-eight-eight, two, three-hundred Empire Today!" Hauldren also wrote and recorded the jingle with a cappella group, The Fabulous 40s.

What We Do

We are a home improvement retail company with a vision to be America's first and best choice for installed flooring. For our residential customers, we specialize in carpet, laminate, hardwood, vinyl, and tile floor coverings, as well as a selection of window treatments. Our newest product line is our revamped laminate collection, which is built to withstand everyday use without sacrificing style. For our commercial customers, we sell commercial grade variations and a few other lines. For more information on these products, visit the Empire Today Professional website.

While we do not manufacturer any of our own floor coverings, we stock the biggest and the best selection of brands available. Therefore the first thing we do is sell the best possible floor covering products. The second thing we do is perform quality installations of the product in the homes of our customers. While we are not the only company in America that does these two things, what makes us really unique is how we do it.

How We Do It

How we’re different

Now that you know what we do - sell and install the best floor coverings - it's time to learn how we do it. What is the Empire difference?

Well, our mission is to make getting a brand new floor for our customers easy, therefore we have narrowed our process down to four easy steps that are highlighted above.

Now, you're probably thinking, "surely there's more to the process than that", and you'd be right. There is a lot more that goes into completing a customer project but before we take a deeper dive, watch the following video explaining the process to our customers.

Why We Do What We Do

Why do we do what we do? We believe it's possible to make the process of installing beautiful new floors, easy. We believe it so passionately that we have made it our mission to achieve in every single customer project we undertake.

By remembering this mission, upholding our customer promise, living our corporate values, we'll be able to reach our 2020 goals. This is the Empire Way.

Our Mission

Making beautiful new floors easy

Our Customer Promise
  • A Knowledgeable professional to help you choose the right floor for your needs.
  • An all-inclusive price for your project.
  • A quality installation.
  • We will handle issues quickly and fairly if they should arise.

This is the Empire Way.




  • A knowledgeable professional to help you choose the right floor for your needs.
  • An all-inclusive price for your project.
  • A quality installation.
  • We will handle issues quickly and fairly if they should arise.
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  • We put our Customers First and act with a sense of Urgency to satisfy them.
  • We treat customers, contractors, and co-workers the way we would want to be treated (Golden Rule).
  • We take personal Ownership, Celebrate our successes, and build Trust through Integrity.
  • We Work Together to drive financial Results.


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Empire Today®, LLC, commonly known as Empire Carpet and for its famous 800-588-2300® jingle, has been a leading provider of installed home improvements and home furnishings for more than 60 years. Across 75 of the largest metropolitan areas in the United States and over three million satisfied customers, Empire Today serves residential and business customers with quality, name-brand products including carpet, hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, tile, vinyl flooring, and window treatments.

Empire Today®, is not only committed to delivering beautiful new floors to its customers – we’re committed to our employees – ranking No.279 nationwide and No.22 in the state of Illinois on Forbes’ 2019 list of America’s Best Midsize Employers. Our stimulating work environment allows us to foster employee potential and explore innovative products, both of which lead to fulfilled employees and satisfied customers.

We’ve come a long way since the business was started in 1959 by Seymour Cohen in partnership with Jonathan Samuel Beute, as Empire Plastic Covers - a small, family-owned business selling plastic furniture covers from a little office in the suburbs of Chicago. In 1965, due to growing customer request, the company expanded its product line to include carpet and changed its name to Empire Home Services. It is from Empire Home Services that the Empire Today as you know it now truly evolved.

In 1977, the company launched its first-ever TV broadcast on Chicago television stations WFLD and WGN. Little did the company know how popular these advertisements would be and how a simple jingle would become known in homes across the country. Ultimately, the company expanded its product offerings and grew to service most major metropolitan areas across the U.S.,and changed its name to Empire Today.

The Empire Man and The Empire Jingle remain a cultural icon.